About Tom

Tom Hughes is an engaging storyteller who has been captivating audiences for over a decade with his folk tales and music.   The legends from the landscape of his native Cheshire regularly make an appearance along with stories from across Europe with tales for every occasion.  Tom has performed in cosy clubs as well as the stages of large events including Shrewsbury Folk Festival.

Tom's work often features bagpipes, though not of the Highland type, but the softer tones of pipes once very popular in England.  He is the Education Officer for the Bagpipe Society and works with schools and festivals to introduce people to this ancient instrument alongside the storytelling tradition.

Tom is also one of the organisers of Word of Mouth storytellers in Manchester, one of the country's longest running story clubs.  He has also run regular storytelling clubs for school pupils as well as courses in folklore and legends for adults.

"A brilliant day, fantastic stories, a real gem of an experience" - participant on Tom's Landscape & Legends course at the Blackden Trust