Schools Living History & Storytelling

Tom has been bringing history to life for children for nearly two decades, working in museums, schools and historic sites.  He's well experienced in working with pupils of all ages, exploring the tales in an interactive way.  Tom's costume, artefacts and music also help keep pupils engaged and allow cross-curricular work.

Whether you're looking to bring a history topic to life, or stimulate creative responses on a school project or themed week, there's nothing like living history and storytelling to get the children inspired.

Beyond Beowulf
Tom will help pupils discover Anglo-Saxon and Viking life through tales of gods, saints and warriors.  The children will roleplay stories of adventure, explore artefacts and puzzle over riddles in this very interactive workshop.

Medieval Mayhem and Merriment
Step back into the days of mighty castles, bold knights, and holy pilgrims.  A workshop packed with tales where pupils can become the characters and experience medieval life.  Tom also brings a pedlar's basket filled to the brim with artefacts, along with medieval instruments to lead a merry dance.

The Merchant of Menace - Tudor Tales

Explore the horrible and sometimes gruesome side of Elizabethan entertainment.  Pupils will discover tales from Shakespeare's world, handle Tudor artefacts, recreate bustling street scenes, put on a mummer's play, try period instruments and learn some dances.

Great Fire of London
Meet Samuel Pepys and explore his world.  Recreate events from the Fire, discover life in London's bustling streets, learn how to keep the plague at bay, try out for a job as a servant in a wealthy man's home, and enjoy some music and dance.

The Travelling Toybox
What better way for KS1 pupil to experience the past than by playing with Toys Through Time?  Tom brings boxes of toys spanning five centuries, to allow pupils to discover them for themselves.  As they play they'll discover how the toys work, the materials they're made from, and explore toys for rich and poor, for indoors and the back yard.  All this plus some of Tom's storytelling, learning has never been such fun!

Legends in the Landscape
Discover the myths and legends of your local area.  Enjoy some traditional storytelling and get interactive too, with chances for the children to become characters in the stories and even create their own versions of the tales.  Excellent for inspiring literacy and links to geography and history.  Tom has a wealth of tales covering landscapes in South West Scotland, Cheshire and Lancashire, but can also create workshops for other areas.

All of these activities can be adapted to suit your school's needs and requirements, and Tom can also offer workshops for teachers to help get the most from a topic and support children's learning, just get in touch to discuss more.

Tom is based in Dumfries in South West Scotland, but by arrangement can travel further afield.  Please get in touch to discuss.

For more details or to book one of these sessions call Tom on 07514 651453 or email