Storytelling for Clubs, Festivals, Museums, etc

Tom has told tales across the UK in informal club settings, historic houses and festival stages, bringing the past to life and connecting people with the legends in their landscape.

"Everyone was spellbound by Tom's storytelling" - Stretton Watermill 

He has tales for all seasons and settings and draws upon an extensive range of folk tales from across Europe to create the perfect collection of stories for your theme.

The Piper's Tale
The bagpiper strolls through the folk tales of Europe, sometimes the wise fool, other times a trickster
or prisoner of the underworld.  Tom's stories invite you into the piper's world.  The collected tales of many years are shared, along with tunes on various bagpipes to awaken the legend.

Dark Tales
Perfect stories for those long winter nights.  Unsettling tales of boggarts, witches, encounters with the Devil, wishes gone wrong, and the dead returning to make the mind whirr and the spine tingle.

Land of Legends: Cheshire's Myths and Curiosities
The landscape of Tom's native county is filled with ancient and wondrous legends.  Stories of wizards, dragons and mermaids mix with tales of fools and hidden treasure in the woodlands, marshes and hidden mines of Cheshire.

The Merchant of Menace
Tales from the age of Shakespeare.  A heady brew of bravery, trickery, wisdom and folly from late Tudor times to thrill, shock and make you think.  Accompanied with tunes from the stage and street.

Paupers, Pipers and Pookas: Victorian Tales
Step back to the nineteenth century with a set of tales to evoke the spirit of an age.  Stories gathered from remote villages, workhouses, fairy tumps, and mills come to life along with some tunes of the era.

All Greek To Me
Tales from Ancient Greece - A mix of adventure, love, tragedy and trickery.  Not just the famous stories, but some of the less well known (and better?) tales too.

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