Talks for Groups & Societies

Tom offers intriguing presentations for history societies and indeed any groups looking for something a bit different to a traditional lecture.  They are illustrated with lots of images and artefacts and often include a little storytelling or live music played on period instruments.

Pilgrimage in the Medieval World
Discover what motivated people to undertake a pilgrimage, where they went, what they took with them and what they brought back.  Presented in costume with a wide range of artefacts which can be handled, and accompanied with a short performance on medieval bagpipes.

The Piper's Tale
A unique presentation combining curious tales, live music and intriguing illustrations to present the story of the bagpiper through history and folklore.

"Thank you for your wonderful talk.  We all enjoyed it and would love you to come back in the future."

High Days and Holidays
Find out how people celebrated fairs and festivities in the 16th century, from dancing in the churchyard to public executions, and Bartholomew Fair to Yuletide.  Including traditional tales, a mummer's play and live music played on period instruments.

Cheshire Writers
Explore the literary landscape of Cheshire from the 14th century through to today.  Learn how the county's folklore, curiosities, traditions and dialect have influenced writers through the centuries.

Cheshire Myths and Legends
A look at the tales and folklore of the county, from dragons and mermaids, to wizards and fools.  The legends will be told in the traditional manner, then explored to see if there is a grain of truth behind them.

"The talk was entertaining, informative, interesting and well presented.  The clothes complemented the overall effect."

Cheshire Dialect and Proverbs
Discover the old vocabulary from Cheshire along with some traditional sayings and even some amusing insults.

Life in a Victorian Workhouse
Discover the lives of the poor in the institutions, from the dismal diet and daily routine, to gruesome tales and treats for special occasions.

Talks last approximately one hour with time for questions afterwards.  Talks cost £60, (plus small amount for travel where necessary, I'm based in Dumfries) and are available in South West Scotland and North Cumbria.  I'm often back in my native Cheshire too, so please contact me if you're interested in a talk in that area and I'll see what we can arrange!  Please contact Tom to find out more or book a talk.  Call 07514 651453 or email